Artistic Influences

Monday, February 16, 2009 11:06:15 AM


One goal of my blog is to look at some of the major influences on my art. There's a short list of artists that we'll spend time analyzing and they are: Leonard Da Vinci; William Blake; Vincent Van Gogh; Pablo Picasso; Gustave Dore; Salvadore Dali, Maxfield Parrish, M. C. Escher and Rene Magritte.

From that list I'd say my work and style are closest to Rene Magritte, although I certainly have not done much outside the box.  Surrealism without meaning has little appeal, if you say something but no one understands it- what good is that. If it makes you think then there is some value. That's why most abstract art, other than appealing forms and colors, does nothing for me.

Realism is important to me, even if the subject is fantastic. Using realism to portray events that don't exist is appealing to me. Copying nature exactly had no appeal- why not get a camera and do as photograph. Unless you are adding something to nature or the subject matter- why bother.

Later in the week we'll start looking at Leonardo, then got through the short list.



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