Mona Lisa: A work in progress DAY 3

Friday, May 1, 2009 3:24:11 PM

Mona Lisa: A work in progress DAY 3


I've thought about what I'm going to do and worked on the painting about 1 1/2 hours more. Here's where I am:

In the last hour I finished roughing in the hair and have roughed in her robe. I've changed the color slightly to an off-blue. Her hair is dark with a red-tint. I'm not adding the veil near the top of her head- it's not important. The background looks OK, I fixed and shaded the loggia (pillars on each side) and I added some varnish (since this is acrylic- it's gloss medium) to the bottom part and to Mona Lisa. Because this will be covered up in part I'm not sure if the details will matter or how much you'll be able to see.

I've decided the only way I can transform her into a close-up of a driftwood slab is to add the overlaying lines and use a thin coat of tinted varnish. Will it work? I dunno... Here's another full length shot of where I am now. Total time so far- about 6 hours.

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