Mona Lisa: A work in progress DAY 5

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 9:24:32 AM

Mona Lisa: A work in progress DAY 5

Close-up driftwood color added

So I've added on coat of yellow with a tint of red (sort of orange). I also added some shadow to the wood grain in several places. You can still see the underpainting somewhat and the blue contrasts nicely with the coat of yellow with a tint of red. 

As with any painting there's a point where you have to stop and I think I'm about there. Any significant overpainting will obliterate the underpainting. I've achieve a a bizarre but interesting likeness. You can still see the enigmatic smile. The lake (on the left) and the bridge (on the right) in the background can still be recognized.

I certainly didn't want to try and compete with Leonardo. I'm not sure if I transformed the Mona Lisa into a slab of driftwood.

Close-up driftwood color added- Full size

Even though I painted over it, there a bit too much blue in to bottom right shadow. Every thing else seems to fit OK. Here's the painting with it's 100 year old frame made out of an old tobacco barn. The frame was made by Chris Hoke.

I'm going to touch up the bottom right side and get some of the blue out, then sign it. You can't see it but with the eye but with camera shot it is a little too much blue. I also drew in grains of wood in the lower corner but they can't be seen with the camera shot.


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