More Salty Dog

Thursday, June 18, 2009 9:02:28 AM


Here are more close-up pics of my painting Salty Dog Blues. The pic below has the lyrics. I painted a salt shaker and a dog above the lyrics almost like it was a game of pictionary. The lyrics are posted on a metal sign and post similar to one that might have posted "beach rules."

The lyrics

The two old maids sitting in the sand are probably saying, "Next time we're going to get a beach umbrella like the one in front of us."

This was supposed to be a bizarre sand sculpture: A girl eating a hot dog on a stick

And of course no painting would be complete without a cameo by Miss California:

God made woman he made her kinda funny,
Lips 'round her mouth a sweet as any honey
Honey let me be your salty dog.

She lost her title but is forever immortalized in my painting- no one can take this away from you, not even Donald Trump!

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