Profession Close-ups Cripple Creek

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 8:12:00 PM


I just got my digitized close-ups back of Cripple Creek:

This is the bottom right with the the main scene. That's actually a cameo of me on the right. The difficult thing with Cripple Creek was the canvas was not very big 24 by 30. Painting the details is impossible so you just let the mind fill them in.

I like the shadows on the water and painting the creek.


Here are the lyrics: Bottom Left. I decided to darken them and make the sheet a shade close to the rock colors. You can see the banjo player's feet, but it sure doesn't look like a banjo player! Love that swirling water.

There's the banjo picker! He playing Cripple Creek! The vegetation and plants growing on the rock are bright.

Top right. I like the tree in the middle it really stands out!

Here's the full view (below)





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