About The Painting

Crow's Foot was the first painting I did at St. Mary's College. I didn't do many paintings at St. Mary's since I was busy playing basketball and anything I could to amuse myself and keep reasonably sane.

I started the painting in my dorm room and one student said he had no idea what it was. When I asked him what he thought it was a picture of, he said, "Looks like a crow's foot to me." Naturally that tickled me to no end and I immediately named the painting, "Crow's Foot."

It's one of those paintings that seems like you could do it- paint a woman holding the sun- but in reality I never did figure out quite how to pull it off. Still it showed my inclination to see things that looked like other things. In the rocks there are faces, hands etc and the clouds are just a mass of forms.

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