About The Painting

This was, to my recollection, one of my first oil paintings. it wa done when I was probably around 12. I was playing baseball in little league and loved it.  At that point I was on the all-star team and thought I was hot stuff. Unfortunately the older I got the more competition there was and I wasn't good at sitting on the bench, which I did most of the time my last season when I was about 16. I played baseball again one year while I was at St. Mary's College, but nothing had changed, I was still on the bench. That was my last stint as a baseball star!

The painting was done on a piece of cheap paneling. It was a still life of my Franklin catcher mitt and my ball and bat. Since there was no frame I painted one in and it became a trompe l'oeil. At the time I had no idea what that was. I recently used the same technique in my painting Reflections. Now I'm facinated by illusion art and illusion art murals. Someday I'll try a large scale work outdoors.

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