Close-Ups: Salty Dog Blues

Salty Dog Close-ups

Here are four close-ups of my painting Salty Dog C 2009:

Here's the lyrics posted on an metal sign and pole; also the salt shaker and dog

Sittin' on the corner with the lowdon blues, great big hole in the bottom of my shoes. The guitar is an old Silvertone. The girl eating the hot dog on a stick was supposed to be a sand sculpture, I decided to fade her out a bit so not to distract from the main images in that area.

The old maids are saying, "I wish we had a beach umbrella like the one in front of us." Miss California is the focal point of the painting. As usual my sense of humor tends to be ironic: God made woman, made her kinda funny..." I like the little girl lifting up the ocean to get her red ball. The wave she lifts up turns into a green field with a hog running across it. 

The close-up by itself could be an entire painting. I created my own meat grinder after looking at several on-line.


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