Bury Me Beneath the Willow (painting lyrics)

Bury me beneath the willow,
Under the weeping willow tree.
When she hears that I am sleeping,
Maybe then she’ll weep for me.

My heart is sad and I'm in sorrow,
For the only one I love.
When will I see her, no, no, never,
Till we meet in heav’n above.

Tomorrow was to be our wedding,
But, Lord, where can she be?
She’s gone, she’s gone to court another,
She no longer cares for me.

She told me that she dearly loved me,
How could she be untrue.
Until an angel softly whispered,
She no longer cares for you.

Place on my grave a snow-white lily,
And on my tomb a turtle dove,
So if she sometimes comes to see me,
She will know I died for love.


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