Delicate Ark

Delicate Ark
Fugleria tenera (C.B. Adams, 1845)
Family Arcidae

The Delicate Ark is not one of the common arks found on S. Hutchinson Island beaches.

Delicate Ark (S. Hutchinson Island 1/21)

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Shell size to about 25-30 mm. Shell elongate oval to quadrangular; differs from local arcids by its thin shell, with an alternating pattern of thicker and thinner radial ribs, which are in turn crossed by concentric ridges. Living delicate arks have a hairy, rich periostracum that is more abundant toward the posterior (more pointed) shell end. Shell color white, with brown periostracum. The species is known locally on Sanibel/Captiva from a few single valves found recently (illustrations, December 2015, December 2016) by Suzanne J. Hewitt on Turner Beach (Captiva side of Blind Pass).

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