Northern Lion's Paw

Northern Lion's Paw
Nodipecten fragosis (Conrad, 1849)


The Lion's Paw is a prized shell on S. Hutchinson Island and large specimens measure up to around 5". Lion's Paw are usually dark red and have knotty ribs extending from it's hinge. This smaller specimen below I collected on S. Hutchinson Island.

This small Lion's Paw has unusually brilliant colors.

Nodipecten fragosus (Conrad, 1849), is one of the iconic species included in the “most desirable” list of local collectors.  In the same way as the famous Junonia, Lion Paws are not uncommon in deeper water offshore, but perfect shells are almost impossible to find in local beaches. The species common name alludes to certain resemblance to a lion’s “hand,” and the qualifier “Northern” distinguishes the North American species from its tropical western Atlantic counterpart, the Southern Lion Paw, Nodipecten nodosus (Linnaeus, 1758).

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