Smooth Fileclam

Smooth Fileclam
Ctenoides mitis (Lamarck, 1807), Abbott's form tenera (of C. scabra)
Family Limidae

The Smooth Fileclam is ocassionally found on S. Hutchinson Island beaches. I have a dozen or so in my collection.

Smooth File Clam (S. Hutchinson Island 2020)

* * * *

This shell was reported by Abbott (American Seashells 1974 - #5242a) as a form of C. scabra: "form tenera Sowerby, 1843 (non Turton, 1822)." Note also that Redfern's (Bahamian Seashells 2001) C. floridana (Olsson and Harbison, 1953) is now also consider a synonym of C. mitis, as his online updates of this wonderful book indicates.

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