Triton strangei (Cymatium labiosum)

 Triton strangei
Cymatium (Turritriton) labiosum (Wood, 1828)
Cymatium labiosum (Wood, 1828)

there are several scientific titles and apparently no common title. Below is a fragment missing the top which was collected 1-21-21 on S. Hutchinson Island:


* * * *

Description: Body whorl bears 4 strong spiral ribs; the three below the shoulder each consist of 3 beaded riblets, the central one the largest. Shoulder rib consists of two such three-part ribs, closely spaced, but diverging on the outer lip. Shoulder with about 6 weak spiral ribs. Axial sculpture is strong  ribs, about 9 on the body whorl, forming nodules where they cross the spiral sculpture. Outer lip thickened, with about 5 teeth, columella with one weak tooth anteriorly. Anterior canal nearly closed, upturned. Colour fawn, covered with a thin yellow periostracum when alive; Interior white. Operculum oval.

Size: Up to 39 mm in length.

Distribution: Indo-West Pacific and tropical eastern and western Atlantic. In Australia, from Fremantle, WA to Twofold Bay, NSW.

Habitat: Intertidal on rocky shores, and subtidally, down to 75 m. Uncommon.

Comparison: This species can be distinguished from Cymatium exarata by the three-part ribs on the body whorl.

Synonym: Triton strangei, Adams & Angas, 1864

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