Variable Coquina

Variable Coquina
Donax variabilis (Say, 1822)

The Variable Coquina or Coquina is a small wedged-shaped shell and is fairly common on the beaches of S. Hutchinson Island. Becasue of it's small size (about .5") it is often overlooked by people shelling. Below is a rare sunburst version:

A coquina from S. Hutchinson Island- Decemberr, 2020

* * * *

Shell size to 20 mm; shell wedge-shaped or trigonal. Sculpture of delicate concentric growth lines, and radial striations that become stronger toward posterior end of shell. Ligament external. Margins crenulated. Color white, yellow, bluish, purple, mauve, pink with rays of darker tones. Intertidal on sandy beaches.


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