White Atlantic Semele

White Atlantic Semele
Semele proficua (Pulteney, 1799)
AKA Atlantic Semele or White Semele
Family Semelidae

The white Semeles in my collection are white or translucent or white/yellow and have ocassionally a slightly colored beak (see 1st pic below). Occassionally they have dark band or rings over the white. The shell size is to 1.5" and the  shell is  compressed, thin, orbicular. It has fine growth lines concentric around its beak which is almost central and pointing forward. The Lunule is small. Color internally may be yellow or llght reddish-brown. The other semeles (purple, orange) have beaks that are off center slightly while the the beak of White Atlantic Semele is centered.

White semeles are fairly common on S. Hutchinson Island beaches and you can find at least one or two every collecting trip.